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    Version: 1.1.1 Last update: 15-Jan-2019 Created date: 13-May-2016 WordPress

    Word Press most easiest and complete job board plugin.

    JS Jobs Pro for WP

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    JS Jobs Setup like theme demo
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    Job Manager Theme
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    JS Jobs Setup like theme demo
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    Multiple Jobs Options

    Js Jobs offers multiple options for job seekers which are Job apply, tells a friend, shortlist and quick view available.
    multi option

    Credits System

    Admin can create packages and define cost and credit for each package for both employer and job seeker. Users can buy credit packs defined by admin by using paypal or woocommrece.

    Unlimited User Fields

    Custom fields are required in scenarios, where additional information from clients is required. For example, if a client registers his account, additional information like company name, company profile etc. would be required. This can be gathered by using Custom Fields. User can create different types of custom fields i.e text field, drop down, check box, date and text area.
    custem fields

    Login & Social Login

    JS Jobs has its own user registration and login forms. There is no need to use third party plugins for registration. Js Jobs registration forms allows user to signup and login without ever leaving the main site, Js jobs provides more consistent and cozy environment. It provides next level of integration that really makes your site zing. JS Jobs also offers social login of these popular social sites Facebook, Linkedin and Xing by default.


    Do not miss any important action happens in Js jobs. JS Jobs provides Notifications feature for its users in control panel page. User can keep itself update with each and every action happens in Js Jobs. User will be notified for each action like company/job/resume (gold, featured) status change, job apply ,job applied resume status change or when someone sends a message or replies to a message through email or notification alert.
    vistor can apply

    Visitor can apply for a Job

    Sometimes user do not have enough time to register himself before applying for any job. So therefore, JS Jobs offers option to its user to apply for any job as a visitor. Visitor just click on apply button fill the required form and will apply for the job.

    Built in Search

    To find a right job is not a easy task. JS Jobs provides built-in job search feature for job seeker. JS Jobs offers multiple search filters like job title,companyname and etc. Jobseeker can apply these search filters to find out his desired job in seconds.


    Js Jobs have multiple languages like Arabic, Arabic (Egypt), Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Romanian, Russian, Greek, Portuguese (Brazil). User can select any of the language according to his locality.


    JS Jobs comes with administrator custom tool including unlimited color options. Now admin can easily change JS Jobs color using color picker. Tool give live preview of changes. Also offer seven different color preset themes like Blue, Red, Purple, Brown, Green, Orange and Black. You can set any one of these themes of JS Jobs according to your template color.

    Payment System

    JS Jobs support PayPal express checkout. JS Jobs also integration WP most popular shopping plugin, woo commerce.
    job alert

    Job Alert

    Js jobs gives a feature of Job Alert. Job seeker can subscribe for job alert after adding his preferences and set alert frequency (daily / weekly / monthly) and then get alert notifications for his desire job through email. This feature needs to add cron job in hosting panel.
    google adsan

    Google Adsense And Map

    Admin can add Google ads in job listing, that show ads after how many number of jobs. It will help you to earn money. You can also use Google map where the employer can set location of jobs, and jobseeker can easily search jobs on the radius base from a particular location.


    Really Simple Syndication (RSS), JS Jobs provides that the employer of your site can set the feeds for the resume and the jobseeker of your site can set the feeds for the jobs to his favorable RSS readers.RSS feeds setting manipulate by admin.


    JS Jobs support Joomla Search Engine Friendly (SEF). SEF is human-readable or clean URLs that make sense to both humans and search engines. All JS Jobs urls are SEF. JS Jobs also offers meta data and meta key words for search engines.

    Message System

    JS Jobs have message system feature. Employer can send message to job seeker and job seeker can replay. On each message JS Jobs send email notification.

    Applied Resume

    Js Jobs gives more power to employer on applied resume. Now a days employer receive lot of resume for his jobs. Some of them relevant and some are not. Js Jobs handle this problem with filter and give useful options to employer. Employer can add filter on his job on base of category, education, gender & location. Admin can move resume to any of these tabs just by click – Inbox – Shortlisted – Spam – Hired – Rejected. It may help employer to find best candidate for his job..
    applied resume

    Fields Ordering

    JS Jobs have very powerfull feature. Admin can change field order of form job, company and resume according to his wish, just by click up or down arrow. Admin can also unpublished unwanted fields.
    fields ordering
    apply with social

    Apply with Social

    JS Jobs offers a useful feature for job seeker. Job seeker can apply for a job by using Facebook, Linkedin and Xing account instead of creating new one. All the basic data like Name and Email can easily fetch from social accounts and rest of the information ask manually.
    activity log

    Activity Log

    Js Jobs offers a very special feature Activity log for its user. Activity log is a record of every action happens in JS Jobs by admin, user or visitor. The activity log update with user name and basic description of the action. Admin can also keep a track of every change in the system.


    Several languages have both Arabic RTL and Non Arabic LTR writing system.JS Jobs also supports RTL (Right to Left) for languages. JS Jobs is auto adjustable for RTL or LTR without any convenience.
    suggest jobs

    Suggested Jobs

    Js jobs always facilitate its users with new features. Suggested jobs features shows on somewhere on the page. User can find his jobs and apply for a job after viewing the suggested list.

    Email Templates

    Js Jobs send a lot of email notifications to the employer, job seeker and admin. User can easily change email templates using html editor. User can also add additional information with email alert.
    email temp
    Coming Soon

    Version 1.1.1

    • WordPress 5.0 ready
    • Curl replace with WordPress library

    Version 1.1.0

    • Jobs by Categories and Resume by Categories problem with scrolling on mobile resolved
    • Security fix for ajax actions
    • Add new configurations for List Jobs by Category display > 0
    • Application title can be unpublished
    • Admnin can define credits for job apply
    • Bug fix for visitor tell a friend
    • Admin can disable cover letter form configuration
    • Add terms and conditions field for job, resume and company
    • Apply listing implementation for resume fields

    Version 1.0.9

    • Show more button on form resume
    • Add role section on job apply popup
    • Improve demo importer
    • Custom fields in email templates
    • Improve installation process
    • Update Facebook api for login and job apply

    Version 1.0.8

    • Bugfixes for IE
    • Add register button with login button

    Version 1.0.7

    • Compatible with Job Hub theme
    • Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) prevention
    • JS Jobs Shortcodes added in visual composer
    • Visitor job apply layout changed
    • Add total number of jobs in job listing page (configuration based)
    • Google map marker improved in job posting form
    • Add City field in resume search
    • Sorting added in companies page
    • Add meta keywrords in job and resume pages for SEO
    • Language bugs for javascript alerts resolved

    Version 1.0.6

    • Compatible with Job Manager theme

    Version 1.0.5

    • Improve job slug

    Version 1.0.4

    • Resume form style changed
    • PHP 7.1 compatibilty
    • Improve custom fields
    • Add left menu for admin
    • Admin editable slug for JS Jobs pages
    • Field order for job search page
    • Pagination and sorting bug fix

    Version 1.0.3

    • Fixed bugs
    • Upload files via WP standard

    Version 1.0.2

    • Email to employer on social apply
    • Improve user fields
    • Admin filter improve
    • PDF support PHP 7
    • Implement date format
    • Add User field in pdf and export
    • Improve Indeed api calling
    • Improve Career Builder api calling
    • Fixed bugs

    Version 1.0.1

    • Add google map api key settings
    • Add translation tool
    • Correct spellings

    Version 1.0.0

    • Release new version

    The minimum requirements to run JS Jobs are:

    • CURL
    • Word Press 3.5 or later
    • PHP 5.x
    • MySQL 4.2
    • PCLZIP Library
    • IE 9, Firefox, Chrome ...
    • Full width one column

    We recommend:

    • CURL
    • Word Press 4.1 or later
    • PHP 5.3
    • MySQL 5.x
    • PCLZIP Library
    • IE 9, latest firefox, latest chrome ...
    • Full width one column