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  • Car Point- JS Autoz Template

    Version: 1.0.0 Last update: 19-May-2017 Created date: 19-May-2017 Joomla 3

    Car Point is official template for most popular of Joomla car dealership component.

    Car Point- JS Autoz Template

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    Unlimited Color Option

    Car Point comes with default 7 preset color scheme, but it is also providing to change it and you can make your own color scheme.
    carpoint colors


    Car Point facilitate you to decide which module shown on which location. You can customize the position and even add new positions also.
    carpoint layout


    Car Point template gives the maximum design for the blogging.
    carpoint blog
    carpoint customizing

    Customizing Template

    Car Point is already well managed and well designed. If user want to make some changes in CSS or JavaScript, then Car point provides the best interface to do so.
    carpoint helix3

    Helix 3 Framework

    Car Point is developed on Helix 3 framework which is very well known and famous in market and based on modern techniques and bootstrap HTML design framework.
    carpoint typography

    Custom Typography

    Js Autoz is also offering custom typography for its users. User can add extra styling with stunning typography styles Quotes, text blocks, buttons, tool tips.
    carpoint menu

    Mega Menu

    Car point is also providing a Mega menu and off-canvas menu for template. User can easily find all the basic links by using these menus without any convenience.

    SP Page Builder

    As Car Point is build on the Helix 3 framework and it also fully support the SP Page Builder, So you can build your page easily with modern SP Page Builder component.
    carpoint sppagebuilder

    Cache Settings

    Car Point support the modern cache techniques so that your user experience the faster website ever.
    carpoint cache

    Delivered With Quick Start Package

    Car Point template delivered with quick start package so can know how to quickly setup your setup template easily and effectively.
    carpoint quickstart
    carpoint k2

    Supports K2

    Car point template supports most popular blogger on Joomla listing. car point template also fully supports K2.
    carpoint pricing

    Plan & Pricing Jobs

    Js Autoz provides new modules for the Js Autoz packages. User can select the package as per his need.