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    Version: 1.0.3 Last update: 19-Oct-2018 Created date: 19-Oct-2017 WordPress
    JS Vehicle Manager Free for WP



    Themes (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers Administrator Custom Tool including unlimited color options, Live preview of changing and seven different color preset themes. Admin can easily change color using color picker and can set any theme according to his template color.

    Fields Ordering

    Vehicle Manager offers a very powerful feature of Fields Ordering. Admin can change the order of fields of forms as per his need with up and down arrow. Admin can also un-publish the unwanted fields.
    filelds odering

    Shortlisted Vehicle (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers a best feature to its users to Shortlist their desired vehicle. Buyer and Seller can shortlist any of the vehicle for their further consideration.
    feaured vehicles

    Featured Vehicles (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager gives a best feature to its user to make his vehicle featured. Featured Vehicles are always SEF and shown at top of the search list.
    social login

    Social Login (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager integrated with social API. With our easy to use social login plugins, user can login himself using his LinkedIn, Facebook and other social accounts.
    visitor add vehicle

    Visitor Can Add Vehicle (PRO)

    Vehicle Mangers offers a extensive feature for visitors. By using vehicle Manager visitors can add vehicle and post vehicle without user registration or login in.
    tell a friend

    Tell A Friend (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers a feature Tell a friend to share your selected and desired vehicle with your friends. User can easily share information about vehicle through email.

    Compare Vehicle (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers a best feature to compare vehicle. User can easily compare maximum three vehicles at one time.

    Email Template

    Vehicle Manager offers Email Templates. For Those who do not know the right format of email or not know how to right professional email can use Vehicle Manager's Email templates. User can easily edit our template, and can also add additional files and content.
    email template
    google adsense

    Google AdSense (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager helps user to earn money by adding Google ads in vehicle list. It is also giving Google Map for set location of vehicle however, Buyer can search vehicle on the basis of radius from a location.

    RSS (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager support and offers RSS (Really Simple Syndication) for both seller and Buyer. Both Seller and Buyer can feeds for vehicle to their favorable RSS readers. RSS feeds setting manipulate by admin.
    radious search

    Radius Search

    Vehicle Manager integrates with Google Map API and offers the best feature to users. Seller and Buyer can perform radius search with distance options (KM,Miles) on the basis of Geo-Coordinates.
    vehicle alert

    Vehicle Alert (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers its best feature to users to sign up for Vehicle alerts. Once user has new vehicle that match Buyer's criteria, System will send an email alert with relevant Vehicle offers to buyer.

    Contact To Seller

    Vehicle Manager create the bridge between Seller and Buyer to communicate with each other through message system. Buyer can send message to Seller and Seller can also send message and reply to the Buyer.
    contact seller

    Unlimited Vehicles

    Vehicle Manager offers the best feature to posting unlimited vehicle on vehicle board. User can post limitless vehicle by using his employer's package that is control able by admin. Admin can set/unset seller to posting limitless jobs on the basis of his purchased package.
    unlimited vehicles
    make an offer

    Make An Offer (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers a feature Make an offer for its users. Buyer can easily make an offer of his selected vehicle and send to its owner or buyer through email.
    test drive

    Schedule Test Drive (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager offers a best feature Schedule a test drive. User can easily schedule a test drive of his selected vehicle and may informed to its buyer for a test drive.


    User can easily print all the information of his selected vehicle by this feature.
    seller list

    Seller List

    Vehicle Manager shows the seller list. User can see all the seller in one page.

    Credits Pack (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager gives right to admin to create packages, define cost and credit for each package for both buyer and Seller. User can buy defined credit packs by paypal or woocommerce.
    credits pack

    Credits Log (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager gives you best feature of Credit Logs. User can see his entire activity and detail of his spend credits on his performed actions like Featured Vehicle.
    credits log
    rate list

    Rate List (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager gives you the complete Rate list of each action perform by user.
    purchase history

    Purchase History (PRO)

    Vehicle Manager gives the complete Purchase History list of each action perform by user.


    Vehicle Manager shows stat of each action perform by user.