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    Version: 2.0.0 Updated: 11-Oct-2022 Created: 13-May-2016 Wordpress

    Responsive, RTL & Multi Language

    Supported RTL Languages, JS Jobs can help your site easily to be translate into English, French, Spanish and Arabic etc.

    Job Listing

    Js Jobs listing comes with newly functional features give more options for each job.

    Tell a friend

    You can tell and share job with your friends

    Shortlist Job

    You can shortlist any of the job.

    Apply to a Job

    You can apply any of the job with your Resume and cover letter on one click
    job options

    Add Job

    JS Jobs allows user to create and post unlimited jobs.

    Employer Can Add Job

    Employer can add multiple jobs with JS Jobs

    Admin Can Add Job

    Admin can also add multiple jobs with JS Jobs
    add job

    Resume Builder

    JS Jobs comes with resume builder to create resume. Job seeker can create his resume with JS Jobs.
    add resume

    Search Job & Refine Search

    To find a right job is not a easy task but JS Jobs brings more refine and optimize built-in job search with penalty of filters like Jobs by type, Jobs by city, Jobs by category and many more.
    search job

    Visitor Can Apply Job

    JS Jobs allows visitors to apply any of the job or multiple jobs.
    visitor apply now

    Applied Job Resume

    JS Jobs offers a well designed layout for applied resumes of specific job.
    applied resume

    Google Map & Coordinate System

    JS Jobs integrated with Google Map API, job seeker/visitor can easily perform radius search with the distance options (KM,Miles) on the basis of Geo-Coordinates.
    google map

    Applied Jobs

    JS Jobs excites job seeker to view all of his applied jobs.
    applied jobs

    Login & Register

    JS Jobs comes with login register form for both employee and job seeker.
    login register

    Approval Queue

    JS Jobs offers approval queue for all entities creates in JS Jobs like New Company, New Job, New Resume and etc. Approval queue can also set auto by admin.
    aproval queue


    Reports are essentials. JS Jobs offers multiple reports for companies, jobs and resumes.

    Fields Manager

    JS Jobs offers Multiple custom fields such as Check box, Text, input, Radio button, Text area, Drop down etc.
    field managment

    Email Options

    JS Jobs brings editable and customizable different types of email templates.
    email options

    Activity Log

    JS Jobs offers its best feature of activity log that keeps all the record against every performed action.
    activity log


    JS Jobs comes with more than 250+ powerful admin configurations. Admin can set different configurations for both employee and job seeker.

    Screen Shots

    Take a look on the screen shots of JS Jobs layouts

    Version History

    Here is the complete version history of existing version and latest version.
    arrow Bug fixed
    arrow Bug fixed
    arrow Security updates
    arrow Bug fixed
    arrow Fix search issue
    arrow Fix wraper issue
    arrow Improve session implementation
    arrow Improve Translations
    arrow Improve security
    arrow Add lost password page
    arrow WordPress 5.0 ready
    arrow CURL replace with WordPress library
    arrow Jobs by Categories and Resume by Categories problem with scrolling on mobile resolved
    arrow Security fix for ajax actions
    arrow Add new configurations for List Jobs by Category display > 0
    arrow Application title can be unpublished
    arrow Admnin can define credits for job apply arrow
    arrow Bug fix for visitor tell a friend arrow
    arrow Admin can disable cover letter form configuration arrow
    arrow Add terms and conditions field for job, resume and company arrow
    arrow Apply listing implementation for resume fields arrow
    arrow Show more button on form resume
    arrow Add role section on job apply popup
    arrow Improve demo importer
    arrow Custom fields in email templates arrow
    arrow Improve installation process arrow
    arrow Update Facebook api for login and job apply arrow
    arrow Bugfixes for IE
    arrow Add register button with login button
    arrow Compatible with Job Hub theme
    arrow Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) prevention
    arrow JS Jobs Shortcodes added in visual composer
    arrow Visitor job apply layout changed
    arrow Add total number of jobs in job listing page (configuration based)
    arrow Google map marker imporoved in job posting form
    arrow Add City field in resume search
    arrow Sorting added in companies page
    arrow Add meta keywrords in job and resume pages for SEO
    arrow Language bugs for javascript alerts resolved
    arrow Various minor bugs fixed
    arrow Google map marker improved in job posting form arrow
    arrow Compatible with Job Manager theme
    arrow Improve job slug
    arrow Resume form style changed
    arrow PHP 7.1 compatibilty
    arrow Improve custom fields
    arrow Add left menu for admin
    arrow Admin editable slug for JS Jobs pages
    arrow Field order for job search page
    arrow Pagination and sorting bug fix
    arrow Fixed bugs
    arrow Upload files via WP standard
    arrow Improve user fields
    arrow Admin filter improve
    arrow PDF support PHP 7
    arrow Implement date format
    arrow Add User field in pdf
    arrow Fixed bugs
    arrow Email to employer on social apply arrow
    arrow Add User field in pdf and export arrow
    arrow Improve Indeed api calling arrow
    arrow Improve Career Builder api calling arrow
    arrow Just release.
    arrow Release new version arrow
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