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    Version: 2.1.2 Updated: 01-Mar-2019 Created: 04-Oct-2014 Wordpress

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    img basic 12 months support and updates $59
    DomainHigh priority support
    High priority support tickets at Joomsky
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    img standard 24 months support and updates $99
    DomainHigh priority support
    High priority support tickets at Joomsky
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    img professional 60 months support and updates $149
    DomainHigh priority support
    High priority support tickets at Joomsky
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    Responsive, RTL & Multi Language

    Supported RTL Languages, JS Support Ticket can help your site easily to be translate into English, French, Spanish and Arabic etc.

    Ticket Listing

    JS Support Ticket comes with beautifully designed layout for ticket listing including powerful search and sorting.

    Ticket Options

    JS Support Ticket offers multiple options for single layout like Open Tickets, Close Tickets, Answered Tickets, Overdue Tickets and All Tickets

    Powerful Search

    JS Support Ticket also brings powerful search with various filter like Ticket ID. Ticket Title, Ticket Priority, Start and End Date and etc.

    Sorting Options

    JS Support Ticket brings sorting option to sort ticket list with By Priority, By Title, By Date and etc.

    Ticket List

    Beautifully listing of ticket with all the required information.
    ticket list

    Add Ticket Options

    JS Support Ticket offers user to create unlimited tickets.

    Visitor Can Add Tickets

    JS Support Ticket allows visitor to add single ticket or multiple tickets.

    User Can Add Ticket

    User can add single ticket or multiple tickets.

    Ticket Via Email

    JS Support Ticket offers to create ticket via email.
    add ticket

    Multiple Ticket Options

    JS Support Ticket offers multiple actions on single ticket like Close Ticket, Print Ticket, Edit Ticket, Merge Ticket, Overdue Ticket and etc.
    ticket options

    Admin Configurations

    JS Support Ticket comes with more than 250+ powerful admin configurations associated with JS Support Ticket.

    Staff Manager

    JS Support Ticket offers staff manager to handle all the staff members created by admin. Admin can set roles and permissions for each staff.
    staff permissins

    Staff Members

    JS Support Ticket allows admin to create staff member and set role and permission for that staff particularly. Staff member would be responsible for any ticket that would assign to him or assign by admin.


    Reports are essentials. JS Support Ticket offers multiple reports for Departments, Tickets and overall reports.


    JS Support Ticket offers feedback system to make its user more happier and trustworthy. User can rate and gives feedback about services and support help provided by the staff.

    Fields Manager

    JS Support Ticket offers Multiple custom fields such as Check box, Text, input, Radio button, Text area, Drop down etc.

    Merge Ticket

    JS Support Ticket comes with its new feature of Merge Ticket.User and Staff member can merge both ticket with the same username and same ticket issue.
    merge ticket

    Email Options

    JS Support Ticket brings editable and customizable different types of email templates.
    email options

    Overdue By Priority

    JS Support Ticket offers auto overdue ticket based on its priority which contain overdue time depend on days or hours.

    SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

    JS Support Ticket offers multiple host for email system like SMTP and default.

    Unlimited Colors

    JS Support Ticket comes with administrator custom tool including unlimited color options.Tool give live preview of changes. Also offer seven different color preset themes.

    Other Features

    JS Support Ticket always comes with more extensive and rich features.
    auto responder
    Auto Responder
    google adsense
    Google Adsense
    satisfaction report
    Satisfaction Report
    activity log
    Activity Log
    knowledge base
    Knowledge Base
    email temp
    Email Templates
    submit ticket
    Submit a Ticket
    Ban Email/User
    Internal Note
    280+ Configurations
    error log
    Error Log

    Features Compare

    Find out and compare all its extensive features
    Title Free Version Pro Version
    Easy to Use tick image tick image
    RTL and Responsive tick image tick image
    Unlimited Tickets tick image tick image
    Notifications & Auto Response tick image tick image
    Custom Fields tick image tick image
    Departments tick image tick image
    Short codes tick image tick image
    Email Templates and Email Options tick image tick image
    Priority tick image tick image
    Attachments tick image tick image
    Customization tick image tick image
    Search Engine Friendly URLs tick image tick image
    Multi-Language Supports tick image tick image
    Theme cross image tick image
    Field Ordering cross image tick image
    Internal Mail cross image tick image
    Access Control Level cross image tick image
    Staffs Manager cross image tick image
    Staff Members cross image tick image
    Help Topic cross image tick image
    Knowledge Base cross image tick image
    Downloads cross image tick image
    Announcements cross image tick image
    FAQs cross image tick image
    Ban Email/User cross image tick image
    Ticket Overdue cross image tick image
    Visitor can Open Ticket cross image tick image
    Lock Ticket cross image tick image
    Internal Note cross image tick image
    Staff Transfer cross image tick image
    Department Transfer cross image tick image
    Activity Log cross image tick image
    Merge Ticket cross image tick image
    Premade Message cross image tick image
    Open Ticket via Email cross image tick image
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    Screen Shots

    Take a look on the screen shots of JS Support Ticket.

    Version History

    Here is the complete version history of existing version and latest version.
    arrow Integrate JS Desktop Notification plugin
    arrow Security check for ajax calls
    arrow Support icon size change
    arrow Security fix
    arrow Modern, beautiful and light design
    arrow Security improved, curl remove with WP library
    arrow Image optimization
    arrow IE Compatibility improved.
    arrow Supports SMTP as outgoing emails
    arrow Improve post installation process
    arrow Ticket Merge
    arrow Improve update process
    arrow User Registration
    arrow Fix user avatar image ratio
    arrow Generate tickets on multiple email address
    arrow Ticket overdue on priority base
    arrow Assign agent name show in listing
    arrow Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) prevention
    arrow Admin controlable login button link
    arrow MariaDB bug fix
    arrow Improve custom fields
    arrow Chart priority color change to default
    arrow Javascript bug fix in case of multi-language
    arrow PHP 7.0.1 support
    arrow Admin reply css bug fix
    arrow Add left menu for admin
    arrow Admin ticket detail css problem fix
    arrow JLeft menu for admin
    arrow Add department and priority fields in email templates
    arrow Add custom fields in email templates
    arrow Add department field in email templates
    arrow Add priority field in email templates
    arrow Add login form
    arrow Add customer satisfaction report
    arrow Add timer for staff members
    arrow Export tickets
    arrow Add user register page
    arrow Update permalinks
    arrow Improve SEO
    arrow Custom fields bug fixed
    arrow Double email bug fixed
    arrow Searching and sorting bug fixed
    arrow Improve admin control panels
    arrow Upload files via WP standard
    arrow Bug fixed
    arrow Export for report data
    arrow Basic reports for staff member
    arrow Admin/staff member can add attachment with internal note
    arrow Add ticket id option
    arrow Email to department email on new ticket
    arrow Separate phone ext
    arrow Print ticket
    arrow Encrypt email link
    arrow Add translation tool
    arrow Separate phone ext.
    arrow Tickets fields bug fix
    arrow New powerful user fields
    arrow Login page
    arrow Add new search options
    arrow Department email address received email on new ticket creation
    arrow Add multisites support
    arrow Add multi-sites support
    arrow Improve ticket via email feature
    arrow Add avatar for user
    arrow Change attachment directory structure
    arrow Fix 404 error
    arrow Security fix of file upload
    arrow Security fix
    arrow RTL, now support RTL languages
    arrow Hide ticket attachment directory
    arrow Visitor can create ticket
    arrow Add support icon with various position option
    arrow Improve user search
    arrow Improve ticket via email
    arrow Add slug for JS Support Ticket to avoid conflict with other pages and posts
    arrow Shortcodes available for homepage
    arrow Reply bug fix
    arrow Add German translation
    arrow Implement WordPress time zone
    arrow Add field ordering, now admin change ticket field ordering
    arrow Ticket form auto refill on error
    arrow Improve user selection popup
    arrow Department can unpublished from ticket form
    arrow Admin can create ticket on behalf of any user
    arrow User redirect to JS Support Ticket control panel after login [configurable]
    arrow Add count in my tickets tabs i.e Open (15) Answered (25)
    arrow Add reports
    arrow -By departments
    arrow -By priorities
    arrow -By status and priorities
    arrow Staff / admin can create ticket on behalf of any user
    arrow Background color for short codes
    arrow Statistics
    arrow Overall
    arrow By channel
    arrow By staff members
    arrow Report by staff members
    arrow Report by user
    arrow Language pattern change.
    arrow Bug fix.
    arrow Published / unpublished fields
    arrow New control panel layout.
    arrow Admin responsive layout, now JS Support Ticket fully responsive.
    arrow SEF improve
    arrow Implement short codes
    arrow Add breadcrumb
    arrow Pagination bug fix
    arrow Release pro version
    arrow Admin can change page url (slug).
    arrow User fields bug fix.
    arrow Email alert to admin [bug fix].
    arrow Email alert in HTML format.
    arrow Just release.
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