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Job Manager Theme (WordPress)

Make job management easy with our robust and intuitive WordPress theme.

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Value-Packed Offer

Access all features with our single-price package, an unbeatable all-inclusive offer for your convenience.

Number of sites


Multiple Job Listing Layouts

Email Notifications

Powerful Search

Apply with Social logins

Job Alert

250+ Powerful Admin Configurations

Social Login integrated

Support for Multiple Languages

Credit System

Various Header Options

RTL Support

Home Page Options

Unlimited User Custom Fields

Template Options

Powerful Responsive

Our layouts are designed to seamlessly adapt to various devices, providing an enhanced and visually appealing user experience.

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Versatile Header Options

Customize your website with personalized and visually appealing header options available in the Job Manager theme.

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Create Job

Applied Jobs

Effortlessly track applied jobs in the user-friendly Job Manager theme for seamless job management

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Homepage Options

Customize your homepage effortlessly with a variety of layout and design options available in the Job Manager theme.

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Powerful Search

Efficiently find job listings with our powerful search for accurate, speedy results tailored to your preferences.

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Refine Search

Fine-tune your job search using our refine option, allowing you to filter suitable opportunities effortlessly.

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Beautiful Job Listings

Present opportunities attractively with our beautifully designed job listing, enhancing visual appeal for potential applicants.

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Beautiful Job Details

Our beautifully designed job detail presents details elegantly, offering a visually appealing and informative experience.

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Job Actions

Simplify job management with simple actions for easy control and customization in the Job Manager theme.

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Apply Now

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Tell A Friend

Heart Icon

Shortlisted Jobs

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Credits System

Empower your users with a flexible credit system, facilitating seamless transactions and enhanced functionality easily.

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Create Job

Create Job

Simplify hiring by effortlessly creating and posting jobs using our user-friendly ‘Post Jobs’ feature.

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Visitor icon
Visitor Create Job

Visitors can easily create job opportunities.

Admin Icon
Admin Create Job

The administrator easily publishes job openings.

Employer Icon
Employer Create Job

Employers can easily create and manage job opportunities with user-friendly features.

Resume Section

Our dedicated Resume Section showcases users’ professional experience and skills, facilitating seamless job applications.

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Approval Queue

Efficiently manage and review content with the Approval Queue feature, ensuring quality control and timely processing.

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Our user-friendly Configurations feature allows you to customize settings for ultimate flexibility and control.

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Background Image Site Settings

Background Image Visitor Settings


Background Image Email Settings

Background Image Social Apps

Background Image Google Map

Background Image Social Login

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Email Template

Customize emails with our Email Template feature for a more personalized and professional touch in your communication.

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Google AdSense

Integrate Google AdSense to display targeted ads between job listings and boost platform revenue.

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Background Image Effortless Integration

Background Image Easy Configuration

Background Image Enhanced User Experience

Background Image Flexible Placement

Background Image Revenue Maximization

Background Image Ad Relevance

Background Image Monetization Opportunities

Job Alerts

Ensure users receive personalized job alerts to stay informed about relevant opportunities and never miss a potential match.

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Multi-Language Ready

Our Multi-Language feature enables seamless navigation and job exploration in various languages, reaching a global audience.

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Our Job Manager Theme widgets provide an interactive and personalized user experience through dynamic platform customization.

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Background Image Customizable Elements

Background Image Flexible Design

Background Image Effortless Configuration

Background Image Easy Placement

Background Image Real-time Updates

Background Image Adapt to Trends

Background Image Enhanced User Experience

Template Options

Personalize your Job Manager Theme with diverse templates, featuring flexible branding and user-friendly design options.

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Background Image Diverse Designs

Background Image Flexibility in Branding

Background Image User-Friendly Design

Background Image Customizable Options

Background Image Branding Consistency

Background Image Modern Aesthetics

Background Image Responsive Design

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Theme Typography

Refine your Job Manager Theme with diverse font styles, sizes, and arrangements for a polished and professional appearance.

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Further Advanced Features
and Functionalities

Explore the Job Manager theme’s robust features for an efficient job board website, attracting top talent and streamlining recruitment.

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Featured Company Icon

Featured Companies

Discover standout companies with our curated featured companies section for enhanced visibility.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Featured Job

Featured Jobs

Highlight top opportunities with our featured jobs section, attracting qualified candidates effortlessly.

Transforming Digital Horizons.

Featured Resume

Featured Resume

Showcase top talents with our featured resume section, connecting employers with potential hires.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Resume Search

Resume Search

Effortlessly find the perfect candidate with our intuitive resume search feature for streamlined recruitment.

Seamless Assistance, Always.


Fields Manager

Tailor your platform effortlessly with our user-friendly field manager for personalized content and data.

Transforming Digital Horizons.

Dashboard Icon

User-Friendly Dashboard

Navigate and manage your platform seamlessly with our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard experience.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Detail Icon

Detailed Analytics

Gain insights into your platform’s performance with detailed analytics for informed decision-making.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Colors Icon

Unlimited Color Palette

Personalize your platform with an extensive color palette, offering limitless options for visual appeal.

Transforming Digital Horizons.

Job Action

Job Actions Convenience

Streamline job-related actions for employers and applicants, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Unified Digital Excellence.

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