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JS Jobs (WordPress) Features

Simplify recruiting and elevate results with JS Jobs for effortless WordPress hiring.

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Job Posting

Effortless Job Posting

Post jobs, manage applications, and track candidates seamlessly with JS Jobs’ centralized dashboard.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Job Search

Intuitive Job Search

JS Jobs offers a user-friendly job search experience with advanced filters, empowering job seekers to find ideal opportunities.

Transforming Digital Horizons.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

You can access your job platform effortlessly, 24/7, from any location and on any device, according to your convenience.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Responsive, RTL & Multi-Language Support

JS Jobs offers responsive design, RTL language support, and multi-language capabilities for a versatile job portal experience.

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Job Seeker & Employer

Empower job seekers and employers with dedicated dashboards, providing intuitive tools for optimized interaction and recruitment.

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Multiple Job Application Options

JS Jobs provides various application options. Job seekers can apply with a resume and cover letter for any desired position.

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Job Shortlisting

Shortlist preferred jobs seamlessly within JS Jobs to stay organized.

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Refer to a Friend

Easily share job listings with friends through the “Tell A Friend” feature.

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One-Click Application

Submit applications with a single click, attaching your resume and cover letter effortlessly through JS Jobs.

Upgrade for Enhanced Job Portal Experience!

Elevate your recruitment game by upgrading to JS Jobs Premium—access exclusive features for an unparalleled job portal experience.

Craft a Stylish, Modern

Explore our tools to create a stylish, professional resume that captivates employers and showcases your unique identity.

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Generate a Job Vacancy

JS Jobs allows users to create and post unlimited jobs.

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Visitor Create Job

Visitors can easily create job opportunities.

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Admin Create Job

The administrator easily publishes job openings.

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Employer Create Job

Employers easily create and oversee job opportunities with user-friendly functionalities.

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Login, Social Login & Register

Effortless user access — quickly log in, use social credentials, or register for personalized benefits and convenience.

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Search for Jobs and

Efficiently find, and filter jobs for a personalized search experience, refining results to suit your career aspirations.

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Applied Resume Actions

Effortlessly handle job applications with applied resume actions. Track progress and optimize your job search journey for success.

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Unlock boundless opportunities at your fingertips

Explore the vast potential with streamlined efficiency in our free version offering.

Visitors Apply for Jobs with Social Integration

JS Jobs allows visitors to effortlessly apply for any of the jobs or multiple jobs with email and social logins.

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Social Apply for Easy Applications

Simplify job applications using seamless social logins, enriching your search experience effortlessly.

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Log in with Facebook for quick, secure job applications.

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Swiftly connect with Twitter credentials to streamline your job application process.

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Seamlessly apply for jobs using Xing credentials, adding convenience to your job search.

Stay Ahead with Job Opportunity Notifications

Receive timely notifications and stay ahead with the latest opportunities. Stay informed and proactive in your job search.

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Explore Advanced Features and Functionalities

Discover the power of JS Jobs through its advanced features and functionalities. Explore a world of tools designed to elevate your job-seeking experience.

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Featured Company

Featured Companies

Explore prominent companies and discover job opportunities from industry leaders. Our Featured Companies section highlights employers of choice.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Featured Jobs

Featured Jobs

Access curated job listings in the Featured Jobs section, showcasing top-notch opportunities handpicked for your consideration.

Transforming Digital Horizons.

Featured Resume

Featured Resume

Highlight your resume in the Featured Resume section, increasing visibility and attracting attention from potential employers.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Newest Resume

Newest Resume

Stay up-to-date with the latest additions in talent. The Newest Resume section showcases recently added resumes for employers seeking fresh perspectives.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Resume Search

Resume Search

Efficiently find qualified candidates through our Resume Search feature. Customize your search criteria to connect with the right talent for your organization.

Transforming Digital Horizons.

Email Templates

Streamline communication with pre-designed Email Templates. Save time and ensure consistency in your correspondence with candidates and employers.

Unified Digital Excellence.


280+ Configurations

Tailor your JS Jobs experience with over 280 configurable options. Customize the platform to suit your unique preferences and requirements.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Activity Log

Activity Log

Stay organized and informed with the Activity Log. Track and review your interactions, applications, and updates within the platform for a comprehensive overview.

Transforming Digital Horizons.


Fields Manager

Manage your job application details with ease using Fields Manager. Customize and organize your profile and applications to match industry standards and your preferences.

Unified Digital Excellence.

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