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JS Support Ticket Features

Provide better customer assistance with JS Support Ticket’s advanced features.

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Efficient Ticket Submission

Submit support tickets effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. Streamline communication and get your queries addressed promptly.

Seamless Assistance, Always.


Tailored Support Solutions

Experience personalized assistance with our support ticket system. Our team is dedicated to understanding and addressing your unique needs.

Transforming Digital Horizons.


Advanced Ticket Management

Efficiently manage and track support tickets with advanced features. Stay organized, ensuring a smooth workflow for your customer assistance team.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Responsive, RTL & Multi-Language Support

JS Support Ticket supports RTL languages, facilitating easy translation into English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and more for your website.

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Effortless Ticket Creation

Experience a seamlessly intuitive and efficient process for initiating and managing support tickets.

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Visitors can Add Tickets

Allow visitors to contribute by effortlessly adding tickets for speedy issue resolution.

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User Can Add Tickets

Empower registered users to actively participate by adding and managing support tickets seamlessly.

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Ticket Via Email

Enable users to create and manage tickets effortlessly via email, ensuring a streamlined support experience.

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Beautiful Ticket Listing

JS Support Ticket comes with a beautifully designed layout for ticket listing, including powerful search and sorting.

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Ticket Options

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Power Search

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Sorting Options

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Ticket List

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Upgrade for an Enhanced Support Ticket Experience!

Elevate assistance by upgrading to JS Support Ticket Premium—access unparalleled features.

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Multiple Ticket Options

JS Support Ticket offers multiple actions on a single ticket, like Close Ticket, Print Ticket, Edit Ticket, Merge Ticket, Overdue Ticket, etc.

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Internal Note Icon
Internal Note

Add internal notes for effective communication within your support team.

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Department Transfer

Effortlessly transfer tickets between departments for streamlined issue resolution.

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Lock Ticket

Securely lock tickets for controlled access and focused resolution.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Efficiently track time for precise management of support ticket activities.

Seamless Assistance, Always.


Assign to Staff Member

Assign support tickets to specific staff members for personalized and efficient handling.

Transforming Digital Horizons.

Private Credentials

Private Credentials

Safeguard sensitive information by securely managing private credentials within support tickets.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Staff Manager and Role Permissions

JS Support Ticket offers a staff manager to handle all the staff members created by the admin. Admin can set roles and permissions for each staff member.

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+180 Admin Configurations

Access a robust suite of over +180 admin configurations for unparalleled customization and control over your support ticket system.

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Background Image Ticket Settings

Background Image Menu Settings

Background Image Email Settings

Background Image System Email Settings

Background Image User Settings

Background Image Role Settings

Background Image Staff Settings

Background Image Offline Settings

Background Image Visitor Settings

Background Image Date Format Settings

Background Image Feedback Settings

Background Image File Extenssion Settings

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Merge Tickets

Merge related tickets seamlessly for streamlined management of support cases. Users and staff members can
merge tickets with the same username and ticket issue.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Access multiple reports for departments, tickets, and overall insights in JS Support Ticket. Reporting is essential for informed decision-making.

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Fields Manager

JS Support Ticket offers a range of custom fields including checkboxes, text inputs, radio buttons, text areas, drop-downs, and more for tailored ticket management.

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background Image Ticket Settings

background Image Menu Settings

background Image Email Settings

background Image System Email Settings

background Image User Settings

background Image Role Settings

background Image Staff Settings

background Image Offline Settings

background Image Visitor Settings

background Image Date Format Settings

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Auto and Manual Overdue

JS Support Ticket provides flexibility with both automatic and manual overdue management options, ensuring tailored control over ticket priority and deadlines.

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Unlock boundless opportunities at your fingertips

Explore the vast potential with streamlined efficiency in our free version offering.

Versatile Email Options

JS Support Ticket provides editable and customizable email templates for various communication needs, ensuring flexibility in your support interactions.

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SMPT ( Simple Mail Transfer

SMPT integration within JS Support Ticket significantly enhances your communication efficiency.

This feature ensures reliable email delivery, facilitating seamless interaction within your support system.

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Unlimited Colors Options

JS Support Ticket provides an administrator tool with unlimited color options. The tool includes seven different color preset themes for easy customization.

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Explore Advanced Features and Functionalities

Elevate your support system with cutting-edge features and options for a seamless customer assistance experience.

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Gather valuable insights from users with feedback options for continuous improvement.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Access a repository of information and resources for quick problem-solving and self-help.

Transforming Digital Horizons.



Retrieve relevant files and resources conveniently through the downloads section.

Unified Digital Excellence.



Find quick answers to common queries in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Seamless Assistance, Always.


Ticket Priority

Set the urgency level for each support ticket to ensure efficient and timely issue resolution.

Transforming Digital Horizons.



Include and manage various file attachments within your support tickets for enhanced communication.

Unified Digital Excellence.

Canned Response

Canned Responses

Optimize response time with pre-defined and reusable canned responses for common queries.

Seamless Assistance, Always.

Short Code


Simplify communication with predefined shortcodes for quick and efficient responses.

Transforming Digital Horizons.


Ticket History

Review the chronological record of your support tickets for a comprehensive understanding of past interactions.

Unified Digital Excellence.

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